Where there’s smoke


This book changes a lot frome happy to said bad mood to good mood. some things in the book do not need to be in the book. it wood be for kids that like sad storeys.



Morris Gletizman

: Morris
: character Funny, talented, smart, creative
: of Farther of Sophie, Ben husband of Mary-Anne
: Lover of writing Family and reading
: Who ingaged, loving, sad
: Who needs the love of his family and all his fans
: Who needs the love of himself to inspire and his family to help him right new books
: Who day there will be no more books it will make people disapointed and sad
: Who would like his books to continue by his son or a fan
: Who lives near Melbourne in a small suburb
: larst name Gleitzman

Guess the season

imageThe weather is up and down, up and down, round and round and around. It’s so bad today. not one bit calm. I need a jacket. I need to go in side. It keeps drizzling. stop and start and just starts again
.Just go away but no dust stays right hear. But now it’s all good not to hot not to cool just right.


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